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It started out as a simple brief from AWARE Singapore - develop a print campaign on anti-violence against women. My Chief Creative Officer believed we could push the envelope. Together with two other Creative Directors, we designed and produced what was then, one of the few wearable tech for women to help protect their safety in compromising situations. I will always be grateful to my CCO for asking more of me.

Product Innovation

23.1 Lighter

the case study

Because someone asked me if I could do more, I learned the power in asking myself that with every single brief I receive, and with every challenge life throws at me.

the product

Designing wearable tech is 100% about form meeting function. As my first attempt, I learnt everything about product design, tech development, copyrights, jewelry manufacturing, packaging design... the lessons kept coming. But the purpose behind the passion is what kept driving my team and I forward.

The Guardian Angel Launched Online In Late 2015 For International Sale. All Stocks Were Sold Out In 7 Weeks. 
23.1 Lighter

+US$1 million  earned media in

2 weeks

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