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The Sandwich Generation. Caught between caring for their parents and their children. All too often, feeling like they have to de-prioritise their own personal goals and dreams. Yet, despite placing their loved ones before themselves, they find themselves out of sync with the needs of the very people they strive to give the best to. This campaign takes a heartfelt look at the needs, both financial and emotional, of this group of individuals and reassures them that there is a bank that wants to do right by them.

Integrated Campaign

23.1 Lighter

launch video

"Life is a circle. The end of one journey is the beginning of the next." This quote from Joseph M. Marshall III inspired me to take on a more sensitive, introspective look into the lives of this target audience. To create a filmic experience that reflects their inner feelings and their struggles too. 


To engage the audience, my art director and I crafted two content pieces that unpacked the emotional realities behind retirement planning for couples, and financial planning for a child's education. Both films drew out the financial, emotional and psychological sensitivities that make planning for these life stage needs so challenging.

"The Things We Don't Talk About
But Should"

A couple realises that they have differing perspectives on retirement planning.
"Getting Schooled
About School"

A mother learns of her son's true passion in life and realises the need to rethink her financial plan for his higher education.

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